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The production of high level photography.

Take your time and see the difference to most of our Photographer colleges. Some don’t unterstand the difficulty between masterclass photos and cell phone shots.

NO Cell Phone Style Garantee!


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Unikat Photobox

 The most creative

 Photobox for your event !

 Everbody, will find

 the right Unikat Photo BOX

 “Baby Box” 

“Cool Elegant”

“Tradition is Tradition”  


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Unikat Art Work


 Award winning 

 Unikat Photograph 

 from all 

 around the World!

Unique Art for your home 

Photographers – Stefan Lueger and Bernhard Hirschmann

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Happy Clients

We where happy from the first second!

The team around Bernhard will bring you joy and fun to your weeding !

Our first couple should was the best photography experience we had so far…

The team around Hirschmann Unikate was very helpful with our request to have a traditional weeding. Its fun to work with Bernhard 

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your unique Event !